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Welcome on the web site of La Petite Scierie.

La Petite Scierie (The Little Swamill) is a tiny little shop in the heart of Paris in the Ile Saint Louis, 400 yards away from the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris. There you can test the foie gras entier de canard home made by Catherine and Paul Douy in their longère in Pouilly sur Loire in Burgundy. Together with the foie gras you’ll enjoy a glass of coteaux du Layon.

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This site is regularly updated : check it often, it’ll tell you many stories on the St Louis Island area, as well as on Pouilly sur Loire… Last update August 29th 2008.

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The_shop_in_Paris Let_s_have_dinner The_origins_of_foie_gras What_s_La_Petite_Scierie_ Press_review Weather_forecast_in_Pouilly_sur_L_ House_gift House_gifts the shop in Paris the_origins_of_foie_gras